Wednesday, May 05, 2004

To quote a certain fellow " hello . . . lo . . . lo . . . lo . . . "

Oh well... I'm going to blog here regardless of all that mutinous chatter going on in the comments section (actually its not quite enough to call it chatter exactly).

So one question I have for you. What is so darned good about the Caps Lock key that merits giving it a button larger than than the tab key on most keyboards? Personally I've had ENOUGH OF SUDDENLY GOING IN TO CAPS MODE SIMPLY BECAUSE BY A STUPID SLip of the fingers while looking for the shift key.

So after hunting around for an answer (on Google for about five and half seconds) I stumbled over this little sucker.

No need to thank me.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Somehow I managed to blow away Chris' post (don't ask me how I did it, I have no idea), so anyway I'm reposting it from a copy I found in Google's cache. Apologies, Chris.

In a Washington Post Writers Group op-ed, Neal Peirce explores the topic of regionalism by reporting on the trend towards City-County mergers and other alternative forms of governance.

Cruel & Unusual
"That really, really is the worst atrocity. It affects the honour and pride of Muslim people. It is better to kill them than sexually abuse them."

Abdel-Bari Atwan, editor of Al Quds Al Arabi

I really wonder whether, with the emergence of these photos, the game isn't over for the Americans in Iraq. Is it realistic, after the bloody siege of Fallujah and the Shiite uprising of early April, and in the wake of these revelations, to think that the US can still win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi Arab public?

--- Juan Cole

I saw two naked detainees, one masturbating to another kneeling with its mouth open. I thought I should just get out of there. I didn’t think it was right . . . I saw SSG Frederick walking towards me, and he said, “Look what these animals do when you leave them alone for two seconds.” I heard PFC England shout out, “He’s getting hard.”

Specialist Matthew Wisdom

Specialist Charles A. Graner and Private Lynndie England give the thumbs up to the Abu Ghraib facility.

[warning: more hideousness here]