Friday, August 15, 2003

Housekeeping notes:

You won't believe it, but I actually updated the sidebar. I added: Jason's long awaited weblog under his name; Cody; and Aaron. C and A, would you please both write a little profile like the rest of us did so it can be linked? I invited Sam a while ago, so if he ever comes, I'll add him to the sidebar as well.

To do: I'd like to add an RSS feed so Collaborator would show up as updated on BlogRoll, but not today.

Anything else we need? A new template was mentioned, once upon a time...
When confronted with a fairly new and unusual set of circumstances and you don't know what to do, you should call someone who's dealt with similar circumstances before. Case in point: It's the middle of August, it's really hot, your entire metropolitan region has just suffered a complete loss of electrical power. Who should you call for advice?

The Iraqis, of course.

Though, given this happened in New York City and parts of New Jersey, I suspect we've got Item #2 on their advice-list covered.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Pardon the self-link, guys and gal, but I can't post this on my personal blog and I wanted to share the news. I've got a new blog. I've obviously gone far over the brink of insanity. But shhh. My dad can't know.
Greatest Americans?

I've only received three lists (including my own) of the seven to ten greatest Americans (IYHO, of course). Jaq? Sean? Cody? Hardy, you want in on this? If I don't get at least five total (or two more) then I'll scrap the project. Don't be so lazy! e-mail them to me: nospamnospamssecrest48 AT hotmail DOT com. Remove the "nospamnospam". Gracias.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Why not keep Iraq for ourselves? I'm still not sure what the long-term plan for Iraq is, I know that publicly we keep saying that we want to turn control over to a new democratic iraqi government - but honestly I don't think that's what the iraqi people want. I think the Iraqi people would rather have an iranian style government, where the religous leaders have most of the control. Obviously the US would never let that happen, and frankly I would be frightened of such a government. So instead of implementing a puppet government in which the US pulls the strings, why not install a US led government and be upfront about all of it? We don't necessarily have to make it the 51st state, we could keep it like puerto rico or guam. On that note - what is Iraq's current status, is it still an occupied territory, is it still an independant nation, or is it a US territory?