Saturday, January 10, 2004

Here's an interesting thought experiment/parlor game question, via Terry Teachout: You have a lot of money -- a seven-figure amount -- that you're can donate to one arts institution in the United States. Who gets your money? Just one. (And no "Arts Councils" who will spread the money around to a bunch of artists!)

I'd give it to the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, myself.

Friday, January 09, 2004

So what do you do when a President you really don't like proposes something you really want? Like Bush's impending space policy announcement?

I'm a bit surprised by this, because Bush has never struck me as the kind of President who's remotely interested in science or much else in that realm. It's an election year, and obviously they kept this in a drawer just in case the Spirit Rover mission failed. But, I've long felt dismay over the "ho-hum" attitude toward space we've pretty much embraced since the Apollo missions ended, so if he's sincere, well -- it's not remotely enough to make me vote for him, but I'll be sorely disappointed if the eventual Democratic nominee pooh-poohs the idea.

Yet another variant of the "Geek Quiz", this one focusing on "nerdiness". I got fifty percent, which I gather is a decent score. This one's actually kind of fun, because the questions don't identify the subject matter -- you're just supposed to know.

Weren't we going to read a book together?

Thursday, January 08, 2004

La Befana, the Christmas witch. This is a really fine piece of writing, and a lovely fable.

This is in breathtakingly poor taste, but that's probably to be expected, given the source. I'm an animal lover, but I think PETA is just plain nuts. Anyone else?

(Although I must confess that given my particularly dark sense of humor, I found the picture of the psychotic knife-wielding June Cleaver-esque mommy rather amusing.)

Of all the crap I ever had to endure in grade school, I am firmly convinced that the diagramming of sentences was the most spectacularly useless. But it evidently occurred to someone that, since the Preamble to the United States Constitution is a single sentence, well by golly, it should be diagrammed!


(via TNH's Particles)

So, did anyone else despise diagramming sentences the way I did?

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

OK, that last post obviously didn't take. Let's try another Wired article (though I'm dubious about y'all's love for Wired):

To: The next head of the Motion Picture Association of America (to be opened upon arrival)
Subject: How Hollywood can avoid the fate of the music industry

Do you dream of movies on demand over broadband?

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

From the latest issue of Wired (this was a good one): 101 ways to save the Internet.

Do you agree that the Internet is in danger? What are your favorite suggestions for saving it? Discuss.

Monday, January 05, 2004

FBI Issues Alert Against Almanac Carriers
I thought that this was a joke when I saw it in my in box. I guess not.
Hey amigos, it's been a long time, but I finally returned to blogging, maybe for good this time.

Since I know how much folks like the maps, I thought I would share this:

With the 2004 Presidential Election fast approaching, we might ~look forward~ to the onslaught of maps that paint the U.S. red and blue, illustrating which states lend their political support to Bush, and which states will back the Democratic Challenger To Be Announced. CommonWealth Magazine takes a more nuanced view of the American Electorate, and has divided the country into ten regions that spread beyond state boundaries, using counties as their unit of analysis. Although it will take quite a while to truly absorb the methods CommonWealth used, much less understand the ramifications for the candidates vis-a-vis campaign strategy, I highly recommend taking the time to read about our fractured electorate.

(via Sennoma's newly-created, terribly promising Malice Aforethought)