Monday, June 16, 2003

"Rose Pipe" Didn't Make the Cut

The American Heritage Student Dictionary suggests that parents help kids "maintain and enhance" their vocabulary over the summer. In fact, they've made a list of words they think middle schoolers (grades 6-8) should know.

Any thoughts? (One writer's reaction.)

I like words, and I think kids should know how to use more of them. But I can't remember ever learning a word and using it because it was on some list. In fact, when I was 13, that may have been a strike against an otherwise fine word. I did spend a lot of time digging through my parents' lovely, old-fashioned, two-volume dictionary, though. Why? As I read, I found words that I needed to know.

How about a list of words parents should know?
Instead of confronting pressing national problems, our president lands airplanes while Rome burns.

Senator Jim Jeffords (Ind., Vermont) recently gave a speech that neatly summarizes why so many of us are, shall we say, less than satisfied with President Bush. And he's not even a Democrat.

(link via Ruminate This.)

I have a recurrent feeling these days, that I'm living in the wrong trouser-leg of time.

And, going even farther, SF author Charles Stross commented the other day on why he's less than satisfied with the 21st century.

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